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Prayer Walks

Thy Kingdom Come

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An Introduction to Prayer Walks

by Revd Philip Bosher

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Fields and Pathways

1.5 Miles

Start & Finish: The Vicarage

Into the Valley

1.5 Miles

Start & Finish: Entrance of Tower Road

Care & Community

1.5 Miles
Start & Finish: Resource Centre, Canterbury Road

Rest and Recreation

2.5 Miles
Start & Finish: The Sump Car Park

Places of Learning

1.5 Miles
Start: Alexandra Road
Finish: Hawfield Lane

Around St Mark’s

Take in the views from each corner of the church


1.8 miles
Start: A511/ Gearey Lane
Finish: St Wystans Church

Connections & Communications

1.5 Miles
Start: St Wystans Church

Finish: Bretby Lane Roundabout


2.5 Miles
Start & Finish: St Wystan’s Church